Fruit of the Sun

A fruit of the sun is rising over the horizon with her large eyes still asleep. 7 fruit slices hover around her head like a corona.


The Main figure (The Solar Fruit) is like about three fourths over the horizon.


The solar fruit, is spherical with sleeping eyes and mouth. 7 pyramid portion( a little rounded) of fruit float around it, tilted slightly backwards. like how leaves tilt away when a flower opens

The Background:

The background is dividend into the two sections. The bottom section only takes up about a fourth and is made up of a of blades of grass. The section above is made up of a canopy of leaves. The lines of both patterns are opaque, so that their not totally visible.


The central fruit is bright orange red. The pieces on the outside are in four sections, a thin outer most section that begins at the same orange red as the main fruit. Then moving inward. A clear red section, then a clear orange section, then a clear golden section as the last.

The top section is a lighter green, the bottoms section is a darker green.


The central fruit is dimpled like the subtle dimples of an egg. The portions are textured like the inward portions of a fruit, with intertwined fibers.