King of More than One thing


The King of the Sky was created by Chowder Creator, CH Greenblat. His design was inspired by one of the main characters from the Katamari series, The flamboyant King of the Cosmos. Within the context of show The King of The Sky is one of many personified forces. Both the Sun and The Moon have been personified, as well as version of Atlas (whose’ kind of like a personification of gravity), who holds up Marzipan City (the main location of the show). There are other characters who personify even stranger things like different mediums. The King of the Sky himself is the personification of weather and sometimes time, but he also pernsonfies more subtle harder to describe elements of the world of Chowder.

Visual Description:

In terms of Visual design the king of the sky has a kind of ethereal magical quality to him. His overall design meshes well with the kind of magical Moroccan theme of the show but in his design the magical aspect of the show are emphasized. For example he’s almost always siting atop a cloud in the sky. His cotton candy hair is held back by a bronze band that rises into a single star, and he wears a patterned V neck shirt tucked into un-patterned pajama pants. The belt around his waist has a silver moon as a buckle. In terms of his physical character, it changes slighty between the season of the show, but most often he’s short with a squarish head and pronounced torso, sort of like a barrel chest. He has small eyes that sit close to one anther and below his round nose is a wide mustache.


In terms of color, his color scheme is centered around dark and pale purples rising into soft blues. His face and skin are a light teal color, while his hair is pink as are the accents on his cheeks. The primary color of his shirt is a lighter blue while the hems are accented in a darker shade of blue. His pants are a solid purple and the cloud he sits on changes color depending on the time. During the night its a mix of dark blues and purples, and during the day it’s a softer brighter version of those shades. I like his color scheme overall because it works both in the daytime and the night. In the day it feels like a hint of the mystical imaginary quality that permeates “Chowder” as a whole. A bit like like how you can still see the moon in the sky on a bright day, like the wonder of the cosmos is still out there even when the everything earthbound is illuminated. And at night that same mystical magical imaginary quality is heavily emphasized, like when there is a full moon at night and the stars of space twinkle around it.

Meaning and Being: Levels of cohesive meaning, each more esoteric than the one above.

What resonance with me about the king of the Sky is that he personifies several things that don’t have an immediate attachment to one another. What he personifies foremost is the weather. He sits on a cloud in the Sky and from time to time actually changes the weather in accordance with his mood. I think in one episode he actually throws a lightning bolt, hankering back to Zues another weather based deity. But beneath that layer, he comes to personify something like imagination, which is a major element withing Chowder. And his visual design accomplish this using a few of the same elements that convey his affinity for weather. Like the Cloud that he sits on, as well as the crescent moon on his belt, but more acutely the teals, purples and blues of his color scheme. All of which evoke a sense of imagination.

Maybe a second thing I like about the character and the show in general, is how close not only the King of the Sky, but all the personified forces sit in relation to the earthbound character. The king of the Sky is literally right above the city as is the Sun and the Moon, and right beneath the City is Giant Atlus holding everything up on his shoulders. The all stand so close to the city that the series Main characters especially Chowder often encounter them directly, and in turn those forces respond, usually with disgust at Chowder misadventures, but sometimes they just happen to be visiting the same places.