A Recipe for Creation


The central arch of chowder is about the Relationship between Master Chef Mung Daal and his aprentice chowder. Throughout the show they work through the process of gathering ingredients, combining them into dishes, and then delivering them to their patrons. The intro sequence of the show, gives the persepctive from the oven where the ingredients have been combined have come to life, and are now developing personality. 

What Resonates: Emergent Personality

One of the many things that resonate with me about this show is that the food Chowder and Mung Daal create become alive and begin to express unique personalities. That has some daunting implications for what it means for them to be eaten (maybe they like it). But as a statement on the creative process itself it's kind of an epiphany, and the way the show conveys the idea helps the revelation to stick. In the intro sequence to the show, you can see a variety of dishes, still cooking in the oven, expressing themselves in a lot of different ways. There's a loaf of bread just rubbing himself, or a piece of broccoli skating around the bowl. Some muffins have expanded into clouds and are floating in the oven. There's a suspicious bit of food whose eyes twitch from left to right, and a pizza sleeping peacefully with a nightcap on his head. The ingredients Mung Daal, Chowder and Snitchel use to create these living dishes are almost never alive themselves. But when they combine them and expose the dish to the heat of the oven, the ingredients become alive with personality. 

That is an idea I really like. To say what we create will not only have the character of something truly alive, but it'll also have character that surprises you. Behaving with shades of nuanced expression that surpass each of the ingredients that were used to create them.