Live from Planet Kai


King Kai (The north Kai) and his planet are located on "The Other Side" also called another world, which in the Dragon Ball Universe is a place that exists outside of space and time. It's where deities like King Kai live and where the dead go to be judge and spend eternity. It’s divided between heaven, hell and a middle space where most of the Kais and other stewards of the living world exist. 

King Kai's Planet itself is a small green world, that floats between a purple sky above and golden clouds below. (Because his planet is so small, the orientation of clouds to sky changes often) The planet supports a few tree some of which bear fruit. There's a track that runs along the center of the Planet which King Kai Drives around in a red Chevy. King Kai himself is a creator deity that watches over the north sector of Universe Seven. He's short, pointy eared and blue-skinned (Kais come in all kinds of colors, but most of them are blue, purple or pink). King Kai, in particular, spends his time counting blades of grass, meditating on the nature of life or peering from his heavenly station into the lives of the population he’s steward of. Occasionally people from his sector will make it from the living world into other world, past the winding snake road, to finally reach his planet and train with him. 


What resonates: Meditation in Isolation and Intimate Contact

What resonates with me about King Kai and his planet is something about the remoteness and intimacy of his station. King Kai lives in another dimension than the people he’s supposed to be supporting. He lives outside of time and the majority of his day to day he is just sitting, thinking, or watching. And his planet is maybe the best place to do that. Because of its size, the perspective from the small world changes often. Sometimes what you thought was the sky, become the space below and visa versa. Other times the cloud are perpendicular to the planet, and so on it changes. It’s a good place for a single person to develop themselves. But from his Planet, King Kai can also see everything that’s going on in the galaxy. Right down into the lives of any individual, and occasionally he contacts them, in a form more subtle than speech. I like that kind of Intimacy, to be on a distant planet outside of normal space and time, but also able to at any given point, see what’s happening in the lives of people you care about, and to be able to reach them at the intimate level of thought. And every once in a while someone will actually reach him directly. The pleasure of being in that remote place counting blades of grass and thinking about the nature of reality, and then to one day look up and see someone there, waiting to train together with you. That’s a nice theme. 

People who are familiar with Dragon Ball know that Goku (the hero of dragon ball, traveled six months on snake road to finally reach and train with King Kai) but they might not know that King Yemma (now a diety of other word himself Did the same thing before Goku. 

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