Sun Baked in Ocean City

Steven universe follows the Adventures of the Steven and his Surggote parents, Garnet Amethyst and Pearl, as he grows into powers bestowed on him by his late mother. A lot of the show, especially in the earlier season takes place in and around beach city. Steven and his three guardians live on the shore not far from the city, while the city proper is composed of a few blocks of small bright buildings. There's also a lighthouse not far from the city, a water tower, and a boardwalk. The Pizza Shop, The fry Store, and the Donut place are some of the most frequent places visited throughout the show. 

What resonates: 
From the beaches to the boardwalk and the building in the city,  all of the beach city feels like it's bathed in sunlight, and what resonates is how this background of neutral bright light helps emphasize the individuality of the characters in the show. The beaches and most of the building in the show are a kind of bright Yellowish white. The bright whites are accented by a lot of pastel color, but for the most part, the really vibrant colors in the show are conveyed in the clothes and hair of the characters who live in beach city. For example, Stevens red shirt and blue shorts are very vibrant against the white background. Likewise, Frymans yellow hair, Lions Pink fur, and Connie Blue shirt and Dark skin all stand out strong against the bright background. 

As a place with a persona, it feels like Beach City's motive is to emphasize the individual expression of every character in the show.