A Deities Day in Day Out

Heaven is right above the Bullshit. 

In the show chowder, a lot of the larger forces in the world have been personified and given character. For example, both the sun and the moon have individual character and occasionally interact with the Chowder in particular and the world beneath them in general. There's also Atlus who is holding up Marzipan city (maybe even the world) on his shoulders. And there's also the King of the Sky. The King of the sky is supposed to be the personification of weather within the show, but because he makes appearances so frequently (maybe like the change in weather) he becomes kind of like a reminder that while the Chowder and his companions are going on misadventures, the world of high deities is still taking place. So like for example, chowder and Snitchell and Mung Daal need to make it to Mount Fondue to destroy a terrible dish they made. it's a harrowing quest for the trio. But when they finally arrive at the Mountain, The king of the sky is just finishing his laundry using the heat of the mountain. 

What Resonates: 

I think there are two Major things that resonate with me about the King of the Sky in particular but the other deities or personified elements in general. First is that within the context of the show they really do exist right above the city. They're so close that Chowder's misadventure often lead him to them, sometimes they have a brief casual conversation, other times they're annoyed, disgusted or disturbed by what Chowder and his friends are doing. Regardless of their status, they are always in reach, and really in perpetual engagement with the people on the land below. The second thing though is that they really do have mundane day to day lives. They're not meditating on the nature of existence or vibing with deeply luminous frequencies (maybe sometimes they are you can catch the King of Sky doing some weird Yoga) For the most part, their leading normal lives that happen to take place on a different scale. The King of the Sky despite his heavenly station still needs to do laundry, and sleep and is frustrated when he's awakened, likewise with the Sun and the Moon and all of the other personified forces. They're all incredibly powerfull and important to people of Marzipan city, but they're also very much like everyone else. 

A Recipe for Creation


The central arch of chowder is about the Relationship between Master Chef Mung Daal and his aprentice chowder. Throughout the show they work through the process of gathering ingredients, combining them into dishes, and then delivering them to their patrons. The intro sequence of the show, gives the persepctive from the oven where the ingredients have been combined have come to life, and are now developing personality. 

What Resonates: Emergent Personality

One of the many things that resonate with me about this show is that the food Chowder and Mung Daal create become alive and begin to express unique personalities. That has some daunting implications for what it means for them to be eaten (maybe they like it). But as a statement on the creative process itself it's kind of an epiphany, and the way the show conveys the idea helps the revelation to stick. In the intro sequence to the show, you can see a variety of dishes, still cooking in the oven, expressing themselves in a lot of different ways. There's a loaf of bread just rubbing himself, or a piece of broccoli skating around the bowl. Some muffins have expanded into clouds and are floating in the oven. There's a suspicious bit of food whose eyes twitch from left to right, and a pizza sleeping peacefully with a nightcap on his head. The ingredients Mung Daal, Chowder and Snitchel use to create these living dishes are almost never alive themselves. But when they combine them and expose the dish to the heat of the oven, the ingredients become alive with personality. 

That is an idea I really like. To say what we create will not only have the character of something truly alive, but it'll also have character that surprises you. Behaving with shades of nuanced expression that surpass each of the ingredients that were used to create them. 


Live from Planet Kai


King Kai's Planet (界王星 Kaiō Hoshi, lit. "Worlds' King's Planet") also known as North Kai's Planet (北の界王星 Kita no Kaiō Hoshi, lit. "Worlds' Northern King's Planet"), is a planet located in the Other World. It is home to King Kai, ruler of the North Galaxy, as well as to King Kai's pets: Bubbles and Gregory.

Visual Elements: Color Pallete, Character, Figure, BackGround


What resonates: Meditation in Isolation and Intimate Contact

What resonates with me about King Kai and his planet is something about the remoteness and intimacy of his station. King Kai lives in another dimension than the people he’s supposed to be supporting. He lives outside of time and the majority of his day to day he is just sitting, thinking, or watching. And his planet is maybe the best place to do that. Because of its size, the perspective from the small world changes often. Sometimes what you thought was the sky, become the space below and visa versa. Other times the cloud are perpendicular to the planet, and so on it changes. It’s a good place for a single person to develop themselves. But from his Planet, King Kai can also see everything that’s going on in the galaxy. Right down into the lives of any individual, and occasionally he contacts them, in a form more subtle than speech. I like that kind of Intimacy, to be on a distant planet outside of normal space and time, but also able to at any given point, see what’s happening in the lives of people you care about, and to be able to reach them at the intimate level of thought. And every once in a while someone will actually reach him directly. The pleasure of being in that remote place counting blades of grass and thinking about the nature of reality, and then to one day look up and see someone there, waiting to train together with you. That’s a nice theme. 

People who are familiar with Dragon Ball know that Goku (the hero of dragon ball, traveled six months on snake road to finally reach and train with King Kai) but they might not know that King Yemma (now a diety of other word himself Did the same thing before Goku. 

Inspired Originals:

Sun Baked in Ocean City

Steven universe follows the Adventures of the Steven and his Surggote parents, Garnet Amethyst and Pearl, as he grows into powers bestowed on him by his late mother. A lot of the show, especially in the earlier season takes place in and around beach city. Steven and his three guardians live on the shore not far from the city, while the city proper is composed of a few blocks of small bright buildings. There's also a lighthouse not far from the city, a water tower, and a boardwalk. The Pizza Shop, The fry Store, and the Donut place are some of the most frequent places visited throughout the show. 

What resonates: 
From the beaches to the boardwalk and the building in the city,  all of the beach city feels like it's bathed in sunlight, and what resonates is how this background of neutral bright light helps emphasize the individuality of the characters in the show. The beaches and most of the building in the show are a kind of bright Yellowish white. The bright whites are accented by a lot of pastel color, but for the most part, the really vibrant colors in the show are conveyed in the clothes and hair of the characters who live in beach city. For example, Stevens red shirt and blue shorts are very vibrant against the white background. Likewise, Frymans yellow hair, Lions Pink fur, and Connie Blue shirt and Dark skin all stand out strong against the bright background. 

As a place with a persona, it feels like Beach City's motive is to emphasize the individual expression of every character in the show.