Gallery Heist

Heist Final.png


This Artwork is named Gallery Heist. Its creator is Michael Zamaitis, working out of Vancouver Canada. It’s in the story telling section of ArtStation, first published in January. The illustration shows three men stealing artwork from a museum or studio, but while two are focused on competing the robbery, one of the thieves stands entranced by a painting.



Every texture in the museums walls and floors are made apparent. The red center wall has a horizontal pattern and you can see the shadow on one of the thieves plastered on it. The floor has a more intricate and detailed pattern in comparison to the wall. There’s a shift in dimension as one of the men is moving towards the exit. It has from what it looks like carpet, which is mildly textured, and there 3 paintings throughout the hallway. One is being pulled through the exit, while the other three remain on the wall and one has captured the attention of a thief. The Thieves are organized. They all have matching garb with a black balaclava and brown jacket, which suggest that they’re close or perhaps even know or knew of each other beforehand.


There are three primary figures in this piece. One man is admiring the painting. His hands are in his jacket which could signal that he has no intention in stealing it. The painting he is starting at is hard to decipher, it’s almost completely black. It is obstructed by orientation and the overhead light shining on them. The thief in the middle of it all is signaling to the captured thief a ‘Let’s go’ motion. That could signal to us that they are leaving though there still are paintings left to loot. He is awkwardly wearing white pants accompanied by white and black shoes, perhaps to show morality.The man furthest on the right already has a painting and is heading towards the exit. He looks back which could hint that the middle man is talking or yelling for the first man to hurry. He’s wearing the darkest clothing of the three.


There’s a select number of colors but they each do their job well.  The mute colors emphasis the shady actions being done here. If there were more light then the place would shine vibrantly. Interesting enough the paintings in this piece are also muted, the background gleams stronger than them. The primary black and bits of white are well done as to their only escape to the outside world. The lighter and darker tones on their jackets are unique to each one giving them life, or at the very least an indicator to body language.

Meaning and Being: When Inspiration Strikes

Inspiration can be struck from anywhere. We always hear about that someone was captivated by a piece of art and then that moment their life has changed. It’s always written off as something foolish or random. Well this piece shows that those instances are true and they can happen anywhere. Perhaps the man looking at the painting will too be one of those stories. It conveys a certain irony as well, a criminal which is usually dismissed as a thorn in society is now trying to understand something so complex as art. If not that then at the very least a person can have a moment to appreciate something or gain inspiration from it. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a crime, doesn’t matter if your mates are telling you to hurry, doesn’t matter if even you’re possibly giving up your freedom. You’ll never know when a painting will hit you.