The Sun

Untitled design (6).png


This artwork is titled “The Sun” and was created by Yuri Shwedoff working out of Moscow Russia. It was featured on his artstation page sometime in 2015. The image is of a person in a desolate environment, standing tiny before a massive structure. The circular object before him is composed of panels and is intensely bright as an analog for the brilliance of the sun. The major elements of this picture are the juxtaposition of the tiny figure and the background environment against the size and brilliance of the sun like object. 


The background in this piece is desolate and for the most part featureless. The Sky of the is covered in dense clouds, while the ground below is covered in ashy sand that rise into dunes on either side of the image.


The human figure in the image is absolutely tiny in the frame but a few details can be made out about them. First is that the person is wearing some kind of duster or long jacket that might be suitable for the environment their wandering through. More interesting than the long jacket though, is that the figure seems to have something like a sword on them, visible on their left side. The primary figure of this artwork is the sun structure that stands massive in the frame. It’s sitting atop a black base, throughout which are window like openings. The sun structure itself is composed of rectangular panels that rotate around the center in seven concentric circles. Some of the are in pristine condition while other panels have deteriorated. The center itself is a small circle and the brightest point in the image. 


There are two major tones in the color of the image, and they can be divided between the center sun structure and everything else. The tiny person in the foreground and the entire background are colored in shades of greys and blacks. From they charcoal clouds drifting through the sky to sand dunes shaded in the vain of dark ash and cinder. Even the person isn’t much more than a black silhouette. Every element in this image that is not the sun structure is almost completely devoid of color. The sun structure itself also features some ashy colors. Its panels that have deteriorated in form have also lost their brilliance in color. The panels still in good form, however, still shine with a color that starts at a dull yellow, in the outer layers of the structure and increases in brilliance as they move towards the center circle which itself is the brightest point in the artwork. 

Meaning and Being: Dwarfed by Nature 

For me, the image feels heavy like an epiphany. If I were to inhabit the world he’s created here, as the little figure in the foreground, I’d feel like I’ve inherited a planet trapped between the desolation of a ruined world and the obliterating brilliance of ultimate realty.

But I think there's maybe a few positive threads in the image. First is that  The light of the sun dwarfs even the desolation of the surrounding environment. To say. even if humanity should reduce itself to ash and ruin the sun will still shine... and maybe even foster new life in the ruin. But there is also the relationship between the sun structure and the person standing before it. In religious artwork, you often see a bright halo behind divine figures like some Saints, or Buddha or Christ. Sometimes it's a thin crest of gold light and other times it looks like the sun is perfectly centered above their heads. I like to think of this composition in terms of that idea. But here the halo dwarfs the individual, but because the person is still aligned with the sun, the relationship is maintained. And I like that. I think anybody who continues to move in the face of complete misery has a halo that dwarfs their physical form. They are bigger and brighter than even they realize. It's probably good to keep a sword on you too though...