Pop Box

A twinking black box in the shape of a popcorn bag, tall and wide with frayed edges sat in a bright white and empty space on a low standing coffee table. A little beneath the frayed lip of the bag was dark soil patterned in parallel waves. On the outer surface of the pop box a pink cloud was outlined and within the outlined cloud, were the words POP.

The sheep reached into the surface of the heavy popcorn bag and plucked a point of light from somewhere within, then turned the seed over in the air. Against the white, featureless background the little seed was hard to see. But angled properly it caught a light from a source someplace far off. He let the seed fall from the air and as it tapped the textured surface of the low coffee table, the seed burst into powdery fireworks, then fell back to the table as a cloudy pink kernel, just beside the black popcorn bag. He plucked a few more twinkling points of light from the surface of the bag. and noticed it grew darker with every seed removed. Then let each of them fall to the table like the first. Each time the point of light burst into powdery fireworks, that vaporized into the ether and left behind a single cloudy kernel that fell to the table in an artificially bright hue of pink or yellow or blue.

With the limited seeds of light running short as they sat transformed into spent cloud kernels. The blqcksheep resolved to try something different. He dropped a single seed into the lined soil within the bag. For a second the lines were still. Then they vibrated with a subtle motion before finally humming into a living rhythm. The swayed back and forth, and almost as a response to the silent song the lines in the soil danced to, little green shoots of bright green grass pressed through the surface. Each of them looked like glass pillars shining from within and emanating outwards a kind of green sunlight. Not long after the sprouts had been born to the surface, they rose into tall stalks. From a distance, it looked like the Pop Box had sprouted a miniature forest of tall thin green flames.

He dropped another point of light into the soil and at once several of the tall green stalks changed. Though their outer surface was still a clear and bright green, from within a little blue point was shimmering with its own light, then began climbing the stalk. It drifted upward through the green green flame and upon reaching the zenith, it pushed itself out through the top, surfacing like a tiny coiled bud then quickly unfolded itself outward into an origami flower. The exterior surface of it almost a translucent blue, but a brighter source of the same hue humming near its center.

Then he dropped in two more seeds of light. First red then yellow hearts shone from within the other stalks. Each pressed upwards reached into the world as coiled buds then unfolded themselves in the same origami fashion, into star flowers, each with its own unique shape and folds. By now the popcorn bag was nearly spilling over with origami flowers that shone with some other inner light, each of them sitting atop stalks that looked like thin green flames.

He plucked one of the flowers and felt that it was warm in his palm, then unfolded its pattern in his hands. An abundance of tiny golden seeds spilled into his open hands, some of which tumbled to the floor then popped into a little wisp of smoke that left no cloudy kernels as remnants. The rest of the seed he gathered neatly into a pouch. Then reached in and let a single seed attach itself to the lines of his index finger. He felt the lined pattern on his fingertip hum a song and the golden seed shimmered with some other light ... in a color familiar but to distant to recognize. He Pressed the seed attached to his finger into the black surface of the popcorn box where it could mature. And the whole of the Pop Box twinkled just a little bit more for the addition.