What's in the Rolling Clouds

The blqcksheep was sitting on the large blades of bluegrass, so that the curved horizon of the little planet fell before him and revealed, the rolling clouds space beneath the Planet. And he sat there watching what life might spring from the misty void. 

Nothing for a long while, just the rolling of rounded clouds. Sometimes rising into forms like spiraling cumlo nimbus and other times falling into steady states, like small waves on a calm sea. Crest and valleys, dark and wavy like the wool of the blqcksehep, spilling too and fro. Occasionally the black clouds twinkled with the glint of a white light, sort of like starry inner space. Then one glint became color, and drew the little sheep's attention. He watched as the white point, became blue then grew. Its form twisting and turning, reshaping itself and growing until it was the focal point of the clouded ocean. Bigger and brighter a lapus luzly rising above the clouds and developing its form like a raw jewel sharpening itself into larger shape.

Then it just sank back beneath the waves. Disappeared wholly, lost under the rolling clouds. Some time passed, and the little sheep turned it's attention to other areas. Back to the familiar rolling, and reshaping of the sea of clouds. Rising and falling. transient forms that sometimes mimicked life, like how children still see faces in clouds. When from the corner of his vision, his saw the shape of something moving. Articulated scales of a glass stone that had grown into several shades of blue, arched above the waves, glittering like life, before falling again beneath the sea. The scaled back of a being. Little for now but it'd be massive soon. With eyes that burst free from the color it began with into new shades. Then, with it's newfound awareness it's evolution would take on a full spectrum. 

The little sheep waited and watched to see the transformation but only bits and pieces appeared above the clouds. The arched brightly scaled back here, and a clawed paw there. The wake of its body rippling through the cloudy sea.The sheep tried to stay awake, at least to catch the first shine of awareness in the dragon's eyes, but his own awareness gave in to sleep. And when he awoke, the perspective of his planet had changed, the empty grey sky, rippling with subtle patterns was beneath him, and the ocean of rolling clouds was above him. He looked up to see what had become of the dragon and watched for its light. Maybe a hint of its eyes. Maybe the smallest glitter of its scales. 

Then a massive hand reached down from the clouds, adorned with those scales, now changed harboring many colors, but the base of which that same soft blue. Two fingers big enough to walk tall on the planet, reached through the clouds and touched the earth. Then lightning and fire struck the ground. The new god laughed and pulled his hand back. 

...The fuck was that... 

And in its wake, a new crop circle was left, a black stone that glittered with blue star light in its center. Both were messages in the same vain, but it might take a while to understand their meaning.