Pop Box

A twinking black box in the shape of a popcorn bag, tall and wide with frayed edges sat in a bright white and empty space on a low standing coffee table. A little beneath the frayed lip of the bag was dark soil patterned in parallel waves. On the outer surface of the pop box a pink cloud was outlined and within the outlined cloud, were the words POP.

The sheep reached into the surface of the heavy popcorn bag and plucked a point of light from somewhere within, then turned the seed over in the air. Against the white, featureless background the little seed was hard to see. But angled properly it caught a light from a source someplace far off. He let the seed fall from the air and as it tapped the textured surface of the low coffee table, the seed burst into powdery fireworks, then fell back to the table as a cloudy pink kernel, just beside the black popcorn bag. He plucked a few more twinkling points of light from the surface of the bag. and noticed it grew darker with every seed removed. Then let each of them fall to the table like the first. Each time the point of light burst into powdery fireworks, that vaporized into the ether and left behind a single cloudy kernel that fell to the table in an artificially bright hue of pink or yellow or blue.

With the limited seeds of light running short as they sat transformed into spent cloud kernels. The blqcksheep resolved to try something different. He dropped a single seed into the lined soil within the bag. For a second the lines were still. Then they vibrated with a subtle motion before finally humming into a living rhythm. The swayed back and forth, and almost as a response to the silent song the lines in the soil danced to, little green shoots of bright green grass pressed through the surface. Each of them looked like glass pillars shining from within and emanating outwards a kind of green sunlight. Not long after the sprouts had been born to the surface, they rose into tall stalks. From a distance, it looked like the Pop Box had sprouted a miniature forest of tall thin green flames.

He dropped another point of light into the soil and at once several of the tall green stalks changed. Though their outer surface was still a clear and bright green, from within a little blue point was shimmering with its own light, then began climbing the stalk. It drifted upward through the green green flame and upon reaching the zenith, it pushed itself out through the top, surfacing like a tiny coiled bud then quickly unfolded itself outward into an origami flower. The exterior surface of it almost a translucent blue, but a brighter source of the same hue humming near its center.

Then he dropped in two more seeds of light. First red then yellow hearts shone from within the other stalks. Each pressed upwards reached into the world as coiled buds then unfolded themselves in the same origami fashion, into star flowers, each with its own unique shape and folds. By now the popcorn bag was nearly spilling over with origami flowers that shone with some other inner light, each of them sitting atop stalks that looked like thin green flames.

He plucked one of the flowers and felt that it was warm in his palm, then unfolded its pattern in his hands. An abundance of tiny golden seeds spilled into his open hands, some of which tumbled to the floor then popped into a little wisp of smoke that left no cloudy kernels as remnants. The rest of the seed he gathered neatly into a pouch. Then reached in and let a single seed attach itself to the lines of his index finger. He felt the lined pattern on his fingertip hum a song and the golden seed shimmered with some other light ... in a color familiar but to distant to recognize. He Pressed the seed attached to his finger into the black surface of the popcorn box where it could mature. And the whole of the Pop Box twinkled just a little bit more for the addition.

Just Blades of Grass

A Little round planet sat alone between rolling dark clouds beneath and a grey rippling sky above. And across it surface big blades of blue grass are rising. Bending two and fro in the marching breeze. Crop circles are cut into the high grass, to form shapes and impression that spelled peace and love and growth. Structures like rounded pyramids of black bricks sat in the center of the cut crop circles. They were shrines built to convey the same message of the crop circles they sat in. But in them the messages were presented in a structure of three dimensions, that conveyed a little more gravity for the extra dimensions. And floating atop these black structures were plants each different but each beating with a rhythm that meant what the crop circles meant, and what the black structures that potted them meant, but unlike them, the plants had a special dimension of growth and light. So they were rooted in love and life but grew to express these core themes in their own way. 

And among all this a blqcksheep was sitting, almost oblivious to these structures that had managed to arise. Or maybe he took them for granted, and was presently he was looking deeply into the rhythm the blades of grass harbored. deep into the motion, the swaying dance was a parade of little-leaved giants that marched with more authority than the lord of nod. 

And being carried in this parade was a little leaved king. who looked similar to the little blue-green blades of grass that paraded him along, but with a crown unlike anything the blqcksheep had seen. Petals fluctuating in a new pattern surrounded its head, floating just above it. It was being carried along by its subjects. But unlike the little blue-green blades that carried him, he was aware of the big eyes of the blqcksheep that looked down into their world. He looked up with his own eyes to meet those big ones with wary skepticism. A king steady in the face of grander forces in the world. And the color of the blqcksheep eyes meets with the colored patterns of the leaved kings petaled hallo and briefly they spoke about the development, and a commitment to raising people, then the two made an agreement. 

the little blue grass king halted the parade. Hopped off of his high position and climbed to the head of the blqcksheep, and saw the world from a higher perspective. An entire planet of blue grass beneath them, that rolled around the tiny planet. A sky divided between, curly black clouds and the grey shimmering sky. And his eyes were lost in wonder, but his crown was taking in the wisdom of a wider perspective. And the blqcksheep walked off and carried him to an empty structure, then planted him atop it so that the little blue-green king floated there amongst others like him, in silent meditation. His crown developing, the color of his form changing....

 While in the midst of his meditation, the blqcksheep watched over the grass people (who were now heartbroken for the loss of thier king.) He watered them with love and light and sometimes water, and watched on as new kings were budding to fill the vacuum left behind. 

 And just as a new King had arisen, and a parade was about to begin in it's honor. The former King returned from his meditation fully blossomed into something new. he walked down from the head of the blqcksheep, now larger with a crown brilliant like a sunshine alien and familiar. And his people looked on him,the new king too and stood petrified in awe.The Elevated Leaf King and the Blqcksheep laughed, and the levity of their laughter rose the blue leaved people into new beings. They blossomed, then spread across the planet with the rhythms of novel expression beating within them. And then they became aware of the awe of their station.

And at once the blqcksheep was snapped out his perspective as someone landed on his little planet. A monkey floating on a black shimmering rock like a metorite from the rippling grey veil. The sun behind his head shimmering like a crown. 
He looked to the blqcksheep smiled a fanged grin and said: "Beautiful Flowers" 

What's in the Rolling Clouds

The blqcksheep was sitting on the large blades of bluegrass, so that the curved horizon of the little planet fell before him and revealed, the rolling clouds space beneath the Planet. And he sat there watching what life might spring from the misty void. 

Nothing for a long while, just the rolling of rounded clouds. Sometimes rising into forms like spiraling cumlo nimbus and other times falling into steady states, like small waves on a calm sea. Crest and valleys, dark and wavy like the wool of the blqcksehep, spilling too and fro. Occasionally the black clouds twinkled with the glint of a white light, sort of like starry inner space. Then one glint became color, and drew the little sheep's attention. He watched as the white point, became blue then grew. Its form twisting and turning, reshaping itself and growing until it was the focal point of the clouded ocean. Bigger and brighter a lapus luzly rising above the clouds and developing its form like a raw jewel sharpening itself into larger shape.

Then it just sank back beneath the waves. Disappeared wholly, lost under the rolling clouds. Some time passed, and the little sheep turned it's attention to other areas. Back to the familiar rolling, and reshaping of the sea of clouds. Rising and falling. transient forms that sometimes mimicked life, like how children still see faces in clouds. When from the corner of his vision, his saw the shape of something moving. Articulated scales of a glass stone that had grown into several shades of blue, arched above the waves, glittering like life, before falling again beneath the sea. The scaled back of a being. Little for now but it'd be massive soon. With eyes that burst free from the color it began with into new shades. Then, with it's newfound awareness it's evolution would take on a full spectrum. 

The little sheep waited and watched to see the transformation but only bits and pieces appeared above the clouds. The arched brightly scaled back here, and a clawed paw there. The wake of its body rippling through the cloudy sea.The sheep tried to stay awake, at least to catch the first shine of awareness in the dragon's eyes, but his own awareness gave in to sleep. And when he awoke, the perspective of his planet had changed, the empty grey sky, rippling with subtle patterns was beneath him, and the ocean of rolling clouds was above him. He looked up to see what had become of the dragon and watched for its light. Maybe a hint of its eyes. Maybe the smallest glitter of its scales. 

Then a massive hand reached down from the clouds, adorned with those scales, now changed harboring many colors, but the base of which that same soft blue. Two fingers big enough to walk tall on the planet, reached through the clouds and touched the earth. Then lightning and fire struck the ground. The new god laughed and pulled his hand back. 

...The fuck was that... 

And in its wake, a new crop circle was left, a black stone that glittered with blue star light in its center. Both were messages in the same vain, but it might take a while to understand their meaning.