The Light Of Life Shines Through even The Most Oblivious Animals

General Style:

Simple and Lighthearted (Adventure Time  Naruto)

Figure and Background:

A sage frog stands in deep thought, his eyes pensive trying to remember something profound. Meditating in the center of the field that rolls on behind him in a few shallow hills, until the land meets a grand sky. The sun is barely visible behind the sage frog, but a thin crest of light shines vibrant just above the crown of his head. A few round clouds are drifting across the sky. The sage has the deep expression of someone accustom to exploring thought but he's oblivious to the beauty behind him, and more importantly his relationship to it.

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Color Scheme: 

The sun rising over the landscape turned the horizon and just above a brilliant golden color, and as the rays swept over the fields they revealed the emerald color of the grass, in two tones of green, one light and the other darker. Above the horizon, the gold strata wrapped themselves into light blue layers, and rising higher the blues weaved themselves into deeper hues, at the very top reaching light indigo's, just shy of intense purples. The Sage frog wore a black and grey kimono, and beneath, his skin was a shade of blue-purple,and the pattern adorning his eyes were a modest yellow. kind of like the sun.