The Weight of Color


There’s an empty plane where the the sky is grainy like a pointillism painting and divided into long horizontal slices by flickering scan lines. The sky is colored in increasingly pale and washed out levels of bright blue and in a corner of the sky a small square sun is sitting, pouring out endless streams of thin light.

Bobbing through this empty plane is a black frog sitting on a cotton candy pink cloud. The cloudy is soft, round and kind of popcorn like. By contrast to both the artificially pink shade of the cloud and the washed out thin color of the holographic space. The frog’s color is rich and twinkling like midnight onyx. The frogs eyes are placid and scan the distance with a stoic awareness, searching for something substantial

Figure Elements:

The first reference is from an artist named woshibai. What I like about it and what I’d like integrated into the final image is the charter of the figures expression into the eyes of the frog. The eyes are very simple but the convey a kind of distant disaffected look. The second reference is from an anime called The Eccentric Family. I like the style of the frog overall, but particularly how the toes on each of it’s feet are rounded like little balls. The final reference is the nimbus cloud from the anime Dragon Ball, and what I’d like to take from this image is first the curls that form inside the cloud and also how the cloud is shaded. But the cloud in the final image should be more circular and less oval.

Composition & Perspective:


Generally this is the perspective and composition i’m looking for. The frog sitting on a medium to medium large size cloud, with the sky behind him. The only difference is that the frame needs to be bigger than in this picture. In terms of orientation (whether the perspective is a portrait like this, or a side profile, or another orientation ) I’m open to experimentation.



square sun.png

The Background is entirely sky. The only element in the sky is a small square sun in the corner of they sky.

Commission Information:

This Commission Pays $200 via paypal. $75 Upfront and $125 when the job is complete. If you’re interested you can email me images from your portfolio or a quick sketch of the commission at my email address (

If your portfolio or sketch fits the commission the process is mostly quick and painless. I’ll ask for three different black and white interpretations of the commission. Then after choosing one of them, I’ll give you a color guide. And after the color is completed the commission is done.

Submissions are accepted until Friday (9/20) at Midnight.