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On Being Creative

This is something that I'm still trying to figure out myself, new ways to spark creativity. I find that having creative people around you is the most inspiring/humbling thing ever. At the same time having jaded/negative people around does the opposite, so it's not only about finding the right people but staying away from the wrong ones. Have experiences in life, there's only so much inspiration you can get from being locked in your room. Plus I believe that the only way that you can do work that is unique is to embrace the fact that you are never going to be like any other artist. Use your own experiences and your own visual library to make work that you feel really comes from you. One last thing, if you are in college or even better, high school and you still live at home, trust me you have TONS of free time. So really make the most out of it.  



I moved to Canada from Colombia a couple of years ago and seeing a different culture and people from around the world really has been a huge source of inspiration, even if it's on an unconscious level ( I have been painting a lot of snow these days ). As I mentioned before, my tastes change all the time, and my influences have been changing a lot over the years. At first, when I got into concept art all I was looking at was, well...concept art. I was obsessed with all those Art Center guys and big video game company artists. That helped me a lot to become better at painting. I was studying them so much! Then I started looking at old masters like Velazquez, Sargent, Corot, Repin, Zorn and the list goes on and on. One massive inspiration source for me over the years has been music! I love to let myself get inspired with music. Certain bands or musicians have a specific look or aesthetics on their album covers that are really inspiring to me. Lately I like to look for inspiration everywhere. Music, photography, fashion, articles, friends, memories, fears, really thinking about myself and trying to figure out why I do, what I do. 




I was born in Bogota, Colombia. which is an amazing place. The most friendly and funniest people you can imagine. My interest in art goes as far as I can remember. Since I was a kid I remember having more fun drawing and copying cartoons from the TV than playing sports and all that. My dad is very into art and music so he exposed me to a bunch of artist and music at an early age and that was mind blowing for me at the time, specially because Colombia is a country where it is way more common to get exposed to things like salsa music and dancing; so when he showed me books of artists like H.R Giger and Roger Dean, and showed me bands like Pink Floyd, I was inspired by all that. When I was in high school I started learning how to play guitar and make music, so I've always stayed interested in doing creative stuff, collaborating with friends and learning new things. My first contact with painting was when I was around 14 years old after watching a documentary on TV about a Spanish illustrator that was painting in Photoshop at the time, making some t-shirt designs for a rock band. After seeing that, I talked my mom into buying me a small cheap tablet. I loved the act of just sitting down by myself and creating something from scratch. I did it for years and that's what really got me comfortable with Photoshop. I kind of stopped painting for a while and I started playing rock music with my friends for some time, but I was always playing around with Photoshop and really basic 3D software just for fun.Then I realized that there were people making a living out of painting for video games and movies. That was such a revelation to me, I became obsessed with that. I spent the next years learning how to paint in Photoshop and traditional media, reading books about painting and meeting people around the world that shared the same interest.


I believe that my taste is always evolving and my eye is seeing new things that I didn't notice before. My interest have been changing and developing as well since I started painting. For the longest time I was really into concept art and painting sci-fi and badass characters and all that. But now I think that painting all those images is how I learned all the "technical" stuff and really got to understand painting a bit more. These days I really enjoy abstract images and photography. I like to just paint what I feel like painting, just getting random ideas straight out of my brain. In a way it works as a catalyst. For my personal work I don't like when I know how a painting is going to look before I paint it. I like when the painting has it's own life and evolves before my eyes. Fun stuff happens when I'm doing this. Based on that, I guess there is not only ONE thing that I want to communicate with my art. The message changes with every piece, or sometimes there is no message at all. I think this is because I'm painting mostly for me, so it's just about me capturing a certain feeling or trying to figure out how to evoke a certain memory. My intention with my personal work these days is to make something that is unique to me. Everyone can paint a concept art looking image but not everyone has the same life experiences. But like I said, my taste and intentions evolve all the time, so who know what nonsense I am going to be painting in the future. 



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