Florian Aupetit


For me the life is the most interesting theme because everyone knows it. I want to paint a picture that anyone can understand it, they don't have to know or understand how the science fiction culture works or read such and such books. I like what our lives are made of so it's based on feelings, moods, light. In every paintings I did I tried to put some of my own memories inside so it feels more alive. For exemple I really like that feeling, when you were young playing outside with your friends,an October's Saturday, it's 5 or 6 pm  and it's time to go home to eat something. You remember that feeling and that heavy mood ? I like to paint things like that. If you want to see an old painting with this mood go check "Boston Common at Twilight" by Childe Hassam.


For me other artists (of my time) have to motivate me instead of inspiring me. I don't want to paint or draw like someone else, I just try to be myself. So as the theme I like I took my inspiration from life around the world and the ages. A pattern from an inuit cloth or a typical house from a south american country can also inspire me. I try to be interesting in everything. But my main inspiration came from  John Singer Sargent (a painter), Brassaï (a photographer), Terrence Malick / Kubrick (directors), Gustav Klimt (a painter) and Felix Vallotton (a painter).


I was born and raised in France, my father was a soldier so we have to move to a new place every 7 years. I always wanted to be a soldier (a helicopter pilot) so when I was 16 years old I decided to go to a military highschool far away from my home to learn rigor and discipline and probably being a soldier at the end. I chose an engineer section so during my classes I learned mechanical engineering and that was a turning point in my life because I discovered the CGI world. I was very good at this so I started to learn different 3d softwares by myself and when I have finally obtained my high school degree I have decided to enroll in an animation cinema school for the next 3 years. And because I already learned a lot of things by myself about 3d I focused on the artistic classes so I discovered paintings, photography, cinema and museums and at this point my life completely changed.

On Being Creative

Don't try to be someone else even if it's scaring just be yourself and be also interesting in everything, even the thing you don't like (for example the Haute Couture, you could discover new patterns, shapes or colors).