Laurica Andrian

On Being Creative

Seek life experience and personal growth! Try new activities that have nothing to do with what you are already familiar with! When you are too passionate about one activity , it is easy to be obsessed by it and develop autistic tendencies. I believe it can be good at a certain point but the most important thing is to find a balance, experiment life and learn new perspectives from people 

as you grow. Try new things, deepen your culture and your knowledges but don't be ashamed of your own tastes as well! Be proud of who you are as an individual and 

stand for what you like as an artist!


I was born and raised in France but I have Malagasy origins. Since I was a kid I was always attracted to art related things. To the age of 5 to 10, I took pottery lessons, dance lessons and drama lessons. Then at the age of 13 I took drum lessons which was my favorite hobby so far! When I was in high school, I stumbled upon deviant art and discovered a new world full of colors and shapes I didn't know about! Among all the art fields, visual arts were probably what spoke the most to me, that's when I started to draw.

Once I discovered the world of visual art, I looked at the world very differently. Every time I was out it was a new opportunity to learn! I was automatically looking at people shapes,muscles, clothing, faces, behaviors... the world was becoming a living visual library! Even without a sketchbook, I was trying to re-draw what I could see in front of me and that is how I improved at the beginning of my journey. After high school, I went to a Parisian 3D  school but I slowly realised 3D didn't interested me and all I wanted to do was to draw so I left after 6 months.

Then, I was lucky enough to meet a lot of talented people from the industry through the internet. We became friends, We challenged ourselves, we shared our knowledge, always trying to have fun and improve together!



As a very raw and simple minded person (laughing) I really like to associate fantasy with nature in my art because of the freedom it gives me when it comes to shapes and colors.

I like to create whimsical, cute and minimalist worlds full of poetry and mystery. That's is what I feel comfortable with but I am really interested in building worlds in modern society, because it also inspire me a lot but I am kind of afraid to try that (laughing). I need to practice! 


My main inspirations come from Japanese mangakas such as Eiichirō Oda (author of One piece) and Inio Asano (author of Solanin).  I have always been fascinated by Oda's character designs and Asano's deepness and poetry. Music and beats are also one of my greatest inspiration too. From EDM to symphonic orchestra, I like when it is powerful and/or emotional! Everytime I listen to a new music, my creative energy come back again and I create a new piece of art! 

But most of all, my greatest inspirations are my family and people I met in my life who became my friends. They are very inspiring people who always makes me laugh and who bring the best out of me! 










My style is cute and funny but also very strange, just like me (laughing) ! I really like to make people feel good and at home in real life and I believe it is something that can be seen in my work through the designs and the colors I use. I like to create worlds full of warmth and kindness where people want to stay in!