Eric Cousin


I guess that my personal work is a lot drawn by simple life and people I’ve seen or met and the cultural differences I’ve discovered. I hope that my images spotlight the beauty of humble persons and places and the Majesty of Nature.

On Being Creative:

Above all I think creating must remain a passion. In my opinion it's also important to keep doing what we really and deeply like and not pursuing blindly and dumbly the trends.



I was born and grew up in southern Belgium in a little city surrounded by the countryside. As far as I remember I‘ve always been drawing. When I was young my dream was to become a comic artist. Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo is still my favourite comic of all times.

I studied traditional drawing in a fine art school but it’s only after graduating and moving to Brussels that I really discovered digital painting’s world. It has been a revelation to me and I progressively learned by myself Photoshop until the Wacom’s pen became my principal tool today. About my personal style, it is still evolving, travels have also a huge impact on the development of it


Life is a constant and infinite source of inspiration for me, just wandering outside and looking, the shape and color of the big clouds bringing storm and rain, the gesture of people impatiently waiting at the bus stop, the sun light at the end of the day reflected by an old car…Everything even small details.

There are also a bunch of artists I admire in the digital painting field like Sergey Kolesov, Alberto Mielgo, Robh Ruppel, Jaime Jones and so many others. They are part of my inspiration in my constant evolution like many movies, comics, paintings and photographs.

Other essential artistic field, apart from visual field, is music. It's vital in my life as in my artistic practice. I couldn’t create without, it helps me to enter in a certain mood (from UK bass music, dub, reggae to hip hop and grime)



My travels, most of all the year and a half I spent throughout South America, bring me to create illustrations that emphasize the hugeness of cities and natural landscapes I’ve seen. Mountains and cliffs, jungles, deserts or anarchic constructed districts for example are great subjects that inspire me.

In my personal work I have no real guidelines. Most of the time I just start on drawing/painting what I like. Topics evolve as I do.