Rong Chen


I got a lot of inspiration from Ghibli animation and many early Japanese animations, especially the works of Princess Mononoke and Akira. With regard to the coexistence of man and nature, the reflection of scientific and technological progress has given me a lot of inspiration. Of course, musicians like nujabes also gave me a lot of inspiration.


I was born in China and I am still a student at the university. I have loved animation and comic culture since I was a child, although I didn't want to be an artist at the time. Until I went to college, like most people at this age, I was confused about the future, and then I realized that I should live for what I really want to do. So I spent most of my time in the art of self-study, and the network provided me with a more convenient learning channel.



My style is more relaxed and interesting. For example, when I design a character, I can imagine how it looks like in an animation. At the same time, the lines are the core of my work. There are many lines of practice in my work. I like to draw lines, so I often start my creation around the line.

On Being Creative:

Rather than saying that these are suggestions, it is better to share my own learning experience. Learn more about life and absorb more knowledge, then express what you really want to express. The important thing is to be from the heart, things that make you feel happy in the process of creating them, and then afterwards enjoy the creation.





I think human figures or animals, fantasy or Sci-Fi topics are all areas I want to try. I have different creative impulses at different times, and I will try different themes as needed.