Gilbert Han

On Being Creative

Try anything that is different, things that you like and that look like what you like but also things that you never tried, or that don't really please you at first. Get back to them later or at least give it a good look, try to see them from another angle, with a fresh mind, tastes and feelings mature over time. Don't get stuck in the single paths you put yourself into. Sometimes it may be the right path, sometimes you can add more paths. Sometimes you'll have to let go of a path you spent time over. There is this thin line between trusting too much your choices, your tastes, yourself, and be opened to what comes in front of you, and I'm still looking for that line too.


There are two main themes that I like to work with : action badassery, and poetic moods. In fact, what I love is to inspire people the same way artists and people from my past, present and future inspire or will inspire me. For that, I love to draw characters, scenes, stories that inspire people to enjoy life, to draw, to run, to fight or to fly.



My very first inspiration was Dragon Ball, so my style is quite manga oriented. I was a huge fan of Bruce Lee and chinese kung fu movies too, and it has a significant influence when I draw comics or storyboards. Also, video games and their OST inspire me a lot too, diving into a character's world, his environment, the mood that emerges from the game and music, it can easily inspire me to create new characters and little stories attached to him. I love to try, eat, listen, watch, or play anything that is different, anything that simulates my mind and can be soft, harsh, poetic, monotonous...experiencing the largest spectrum of anything that comes to me, gives me inspiration.


I was born in Paris from Chinese parents. As many children I drew a lot, but art was not on my family's priority. I did play the piano for a long time though, which I still enjoy a lot today. I began to draw a lot more from maybe 6 years old, when I discovered Dragon Ball on TV. At the age of 18, I wanted to keep drawing as a hobby, so I went to programming school until graduation, I wanted to make video games, but discovered that I wouldn't be happy in my life as a programmer. I tried to be a comic artist for 2 years, edited a 80 pages kind of mid-professionnal comic, but stopped too as I saw no stable situation in that job. I went then to a Game Art school for 3 years, and learned a lot about various digital medias. Today I mostly work for advertising, but I'm always keeping my free time to express my creativity.





My style went here and there. First, my style was very close to manga mixed with comics (especially Sin City style). I was quite fond of details at first, tried to fill the page with more stuff, more effects. After going to Game Art school, I changed my look on art. I'm more on minimalism, shapes, consistency and composition. I have never been very intuitive on colours, I struggled a lot to find a proper workflow but found one that fits my more "mathematical" and clean rendering I'm looking for my drawings.