German Reina

On Being Creative:

Three things I would say. First been constant with practice but don't burn out, try to chill or do other things a little bit. Second when practicing be organized and try to focus on the important things, quality over quantity always. And the last one is something that recently I've found very useful (I'm sure it's obvious for other people) and its to write down your ideas in your phone or something you always carry with on you. Usually I have ideas that are a bit complex to draw or are better to write down very quickly so doing this I can write down something that will help m in the future and forget it at the moment. So I try to draw (if I can) any thing that I see and think it's interesting or at list I write a bit about them in my phone.


I'm from Lanzarote, a small island in Spain. I've always been drawing but I didn't realize I wanted (or I could try) to dedicate entirely to that until I was in my second year of university studying engineering. After that I started to study Fine arts. In my last year of university I met the people of Weba studio I’ve been working with them on an upcoming short film called "Las Niñas Terribles" and a video game called "GoldenBrick". Meanwhile I also have worked for the Nickelodeon Tv Show "Nella The Princess Knight" in Manchester and other different studios as a freelance.



I never speak about style because that's something I think you can't seek. If you practice enough and focus on learning it, it will come out. But it's just about your way of painting or drawing. In my case I wouldn't say I have a clear style like other artist that are easily recognizable like Even Amundsen or Zedig. So in my case I think I'm still without a clear style and will need sometime to see if this come out.


Right know I find inspiration in a lot of different places or stuff, from going to the beach to reading books in my house. But I find studio Ghibli one of my main inspirations. Any comic by Moebius (specially "Incal" with Jodorowsky or "The world of Edena") and of course the film "Tekkonkinkret" by Studio 4ºC this film blew my mind off, one of my main inspiration for environments. Anyway I always look other individual artists works (from classic painters to modern concept artist) as Velazquez, Sorolla, Edgar Payne, Alexandre Zedig, Dave Rapoza, etc.




If I would have to say one I would choose medieval Europe or Japanese Edo period. But I really wouldn't choose any, I’m attracted to drawing or painting almost any subject from Roman architecture to electronic devices or different plants. I just need to find something visually interesting or something that matches my purpose. At the end I just care about the base idea.

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