Quan Pham Tung


"I am setting up a new world where wars do not exist. In there, violence is something very strange to humanity, all of human resources are used in some bigger missions such as art, science or space exploration."


I am from Vietnam. I worked as a 3d artist in the past. I designed artworks by wacom in spare time. It was just one of my hobbies. One day I saw a concept artist working then I decided to become a concept artist. I thinked that it was an amazing job.


I was influenced by many artist like Masamune Shirow, Moebius, Hayao Miyaki, David Smit, Theo Prins


On Being Creative

I may not be able to give any specific advise to any one about how to be creative or unique, I just think that it is the result of hard working and highly focusing on what we do.