Jad Saber

On Being Creative

Watch, learn, and practice. Rinse and repeat! Often times people try hard to get a particular style for themselves before getting a good grasp of the fundamentals, such as perspective, light and form, anatomy etc... These take time, so you better get started! Master those, study a variety of subject to enrich your visual library, all the while sketching from imagination to put what you've learned to good use and to train your creativity. Eventually, something quite cool will come up!


Inspiration can come from anything, which is why it's important to travel and always discover new things, read books, watch films etc... As for my painting style, I try mybest to learn from the great artists' work, learning from this particular one a technique that I liked and maybe mixing it with a brush marking style I learned from another artist and so on.To name a few: Craig Mullins, Jaime Jones, Jama Jurabaev, Anthony Jones, Maciej Kuciara...



I'm Lebanese and currently based in Lebanon where I work Freelance. I've always been a huge enthusiast of video games, animation (both 2D and 3D) and the such. However, it wasn't until I'd graduated with a degree in Business administration that I discovered an online Art School called TAD - The art department - which was just starting up. Some of the teachers there were really amazing, and learning under them gave me a good boost of art skills, after which I spent another 2-3 years practicing and self-developing, using the internet to its full extent. If I were to go back to the origin of what got me interested in art in the first place, I'd say Dragon Ball!My first drawings were just awful copies from the manga.



Lately I've been enjoying painting robots and desert related sci-fi. I also like to explore a variety of themes in general, often out of my comfort zone. I believe that getting out of your comfort zones and trying new themes and new subjects will help you evolve as an artist.