Ilya Zagainov

On Being Creative

Here is a piece of vague and obscure advice that probably won't be any good for you. The reason why you create something is quite important, You should try to be honest with yourself. You may realize that your motives are quite dull and plain, so you have to venture in search of new ones. I guess this is what one may call "creating something unique and interesting"


I grew up in orthodox (and sort of philistine) Russian town without a mere understanding of art or whatsoever. In a way, everything I'm doing right now is trying to make up for time I wasted as a kid


I wish I could narrow down my "inspiration list" to a fistful of sources! But it's nearly impossible as I am in constant awe of artistic decisions in various creative mediums. What really pushes me toward drawing is making connections between someone’s personality and someone’s work. I believe that one can try to understand the process of reflection by studying another fellow human's work


Landscapes and environments seem to be among my favourite themes. It's quite challenging to portray nature or artificial monuments as a character, and I actually like that kind of challenge