Desmond Wong

On Being Creative

"Always break the rules and combine things that usually don't go together, and make it work! Fishes live in the sea right, how about putting them in the skies. Fantasy games are always based on the medieval English, how about switching that out for a Tibetan culture instead? By making simple twists on common genres, you can easily create something completely new and interesting. The trick now, is how to not go too far with it. Maintaining the balance of what is familiar and what is new is usually what separates success and failure."


I'm from Singapore! I started drawing at a very young age, but didn't bother to hone that skill till I was 16 where I went to art school. I guess I've always been interested in art, but it was really hard for me at first. In Singapore, if you'd want to be an artist, its usually a big no no. Thankfully, my parents were really supportive and that drove me to pursue my dreams. School could only bring you so far though, I would say most of my learning came from watching videos and just plain practicing.


Video games are definitely a huge source of my inspirations, simply because I play so much of them. Games are getting so realistic, that by just playing them, you can get a feel of what colors work, and when they will work. Strangely enough though, my main source of inspirations come from problem solving. I usually present myself with a problem, and see what ways I can solve it. For example, a problem could be how to instill fear and horror in a painting. With that in mind, I start my research and get inspired by all the new things I learn. This is really useful for me because with every new piece I do, I learn a whole lot more about the world as well as art.


I adore the fantasy genre! However, I think its very important to switch your settings around as much as you can. I really don't have the mind for sci-fi themes, but I force myself to do them now and then. I believe trying many different things will really help you grow as an artist, and what you learn in what style may help you improve another style.

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